We Can Test for Hops Latent Viroid!

Viruses and Viroids: Is There A Difference?

When reading about cannabis-related diseases like Alfalfa Mosaic Virus or HpLvd, you may come across terms like virus or viroid.

A Beginner’s Guide to Testing for Cannabis Viruses and Viroids

When it comes to the health of your cannabis crop, there is nothing more important. The health of your cannabis plants can impact everything from harvest yields to the health of future harvests.

The Rise in Alfalfa Mosaic Virus

The Alfalfa Mosaic Virus, named for its typical infestation of alfalfa, has become an increasing problem for those in the hemp and medical cannabis industries.

Categorized as Pathogens

What is Beet Curly Top Virus

Beet Curly Top Virus is known by a number of names. This includes BCTV and Curly Top Virus. According to New Mexico State University’s Agricultural Extension…

Categorized as Pathogens

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