Collection: i-Test: You can run it


i-TEST is quick and easy to use! Get results in minutes and no need to ship plant material to a lab. i-Test is a product line designed around one simple idea, place the power of doing molecular testing into everyone's hands.  Keep your proprietary genetics, proprietary! 

Some Benefits of i-Test:
  • Identify if your plant has a pathogen such as Hops Latent Viroid
  • Catch the infection before is hurts your bottom line
  • Identify plant sex up to 4x faster than visual detection
  • Maximize crop space by raising more or only female plants.
  • Conserve resources typically wasted on male plants such as water, energy, nutrients, labor & pesticides
What Are The 3-Easy Steps To Run?

1) Sample The Plant
2) Incubate at 63 C for 30 minutes
3) Color Change if Target Found

What is innovative about i-TEST?

Performing genetic testing typically requires a lab and a scientist with molecular knowledge. This process typically requires PCR (polymerase chain reaction) which requires purified DNA extracted from your plant material, a sterile lab to limit contamination, and a precise machine capable of increasing and decreasing temperatures in a finetune manner to allow for amplifying a molecular address to identify a particular trait.  Using this process requires an investment of ~$40,000 plus the necessary skillset to run the machine that typically requires years to master. Additionally, in order to read the results of this test requires several different, potentially harmful chemicals, in addition, to the ability to interpret what the results mean.

i-Test simplifies this process by allowing for extracting of DNA or RNA and amplification in a single process, incubating at a large temperature range thus allowing for common household items to be used, and an easy readout through a color change.  We developed a brand new type of isothermal amplification that we term LARIAT.  

Seems Too Simple

The science behind this type of testing is anything but simple. We have done the hard work to simplify the process. Identifying the molecular address and pattern that correlates the genotype and phenotype, manufacturing the reaction to achieve consistent results, and quality controlling the genetic variability are processes that all take time, expertise, and resources.


1) Purchasing an i-Test requires an incubator 
2) Every batch of samples that are run requires a control set to standardize the time it takes to achieve a positive result