About Verne Bionalytics

i-TEST: you can test,

WE-TEST: we will test


About Us

Verne Bioanalytics is a biotech company focused on developing quick, scalable genetic and pathogen testing for the Cannabis Market.


Our vision is to be able to help the world's smallest to the largest farmers with their risk, productivity, and bottom line. Here, we aim to be one of the leading international research institutions that provides knowledge, help, and solutions to farmers around the world.

Rooted in a strong integration between bioinformatics and wet-lab testing, Verne Bioanalytics administers high quality plant genetic or pathogen testing kits, conducting internal R & D to develop genetic assays while manufacturing kits for other growers and labs to run assays, thus providing quick, scalable genetic and pathogen testing to farmers in the cannabis industry.

Our Services

  • I-TEST KIT - easy-to-use, fast, administered with your own hands, high-quality plant genetic or pathogen testing kit

  • WE-TEST - plant material can be sent to us for testing through WE-TEST or other labs can order our test kits