We Can Test for Hops Latent Viroid!


The DNA sequence between ‘hemp’, ‘marijuana’, and/or cannabis is indistinguishable. There are some markers, but the terminology is largely a legal and political from the drug policy era of the 60s and 70s. We use the term Cannabis to encompass the full range that is Cannabis. We have multiple pathogen, remediation, and genetic testing options for Cannabis.

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Wine and Table Grapes:

Wine and table grapes are vulnerable to viruses due to their unique biological characteristics and cultivation practices. These perennial plants have a long life cycle, enabling the accumulation and spread of viral infections over time. Additionally, grapevines are commonly propagated through vegetative methods, such as cuttings and grafting, which can inadvertently transmit viruses from infected to healthy plants. Furthermore, the widespread use of monoculture in vineyards increases the risk of rapid disease spread among closely related grape varieties. Our comprehensive virus testing and management solutions are designed to protect the quality and yield of your grapevines, ensuring the production of exceptional wine and table grapes while promoting sustainable vineyard practices.

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In collaboration with the Costa Rica government, we have developed a molecular gender test. Female papaya trees are highly desired in commercial cultivation due to their ability to produce the fruit that is most desirable for consumption. While hermaphrodite papaya trees can also bear fruit, the female trees produce larger, sweeter, and more uniform fruits, which are preferred by consumers for their superior taste and appearance. Additionally, female trees produce seedless or near-seedless fruits when pollination is controlled, which is a highly sought-after trait in the market. Our advanced gender identification and selection solutions help you optimize your papaya plantation by ensuring a higher proportion of female trees, maximizing fruit quality, yield, and profitability while meeting consumer demands.

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