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i-Test Kits

i-Test Kits

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i-Test kit is a product line designed around one simple idea, place the power of doing molecular testing into everyone's hands.  More information at I-test Details

Some Benefits of i-Test:
  • Identify if your plant has a pathogen such as Hops Latent Viroid
  • Catch the infection before it hurts your bottom line
  • Identify plant sex up to 4x faster than visual detection
  • Maximize crop space by raising more or only female plants.
  • Conserve resources typically wasted on male plants such as water, energy, nutrients, labor & pesticides
What Are The 3-Easy Steps To Run?

1) Sample The Plant
2) Incubate at 63 C for 30 minutes
3) Color Change if Target Found


1) Purchasing an i-Test requires an incubator 
2) Every batch of samples that are run requires a control set to standardize the time it takes to achieve a positive result

What is In Each Kit?

16 reactions: 2 Control Sets
38 reactions: 1 Control Set
76 reactions : 2 Control Sets
94 reactions : 1 Control Sets
190 reactions : 5 Control Sets
304 reactions : 8 Control Sets




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