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WE-Test for Genetic Targets

WE-Test for Genetic Targets

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WE-Test is a qPCR Based test to identify whether a pathogen is present that could cause harm to your plants such as Viruses, Mildew, Mold, or funguses. All tests have been developed using pathogens from Cannabis samples assuring accurate identification.

All samples must be submitted with a sample kit so that we can track your samples through the testing process and you know which plants have been sampled. If you already have a sample kit, select the WE-Test + Have Sample Kit option.

If you DO NOT have a sample kit, select WE-Test + Sample Kit.


Please include a copy of the order receipt in the samples when shipping them to the lab


We will notify you throughout the testing process.  A Certificate of Analysis (COA) will be emailed 1-3 days from receiving a sample in the lab.

Target Explanation

- Male Detection = Identifies Genetic Males

- THCa Detection = Presence of THCa Gene

- CBAa Detection = Presence of CBDa Gene

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Contact us at for any questions.


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