We Can Test for Hops Latent Viroid!

Why Choose Us

Verne Bio is revolutionizing the cannabis/hemp industry with an easy-to-use, fast, administered with your own hands, high-quality plant genetic or pathogen testing kit: i-Test. Alternatively, plant material can be sent to us for testing through WE-Test or other labs can order our test kits. Verne’s goal is to help the world’s smallest to the largest farmers with their risk, productivity, and bottom line.

Services We Provide

Additionally, we provide consulting services in the field of biotechnology, pharmaceutical research and development, and genetic science


On-Site (i-Test) & Mail In (We-Test) Pathogen & Genetic Lab Testing


Pathogen Treatment


Plant Steering For Pest Resistance

What We Test For

Here at Verne, we’re committed to providing you the ease of healthy growing and the safety of your cannabis plants. Our i-Test and We-Test can check for pathogens, THCa, gender – we also offer full panel pathogen testing!

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What our clients say about us

This is next level.

– bill_the_goat97

Biggggg game changer!!!

– thompsonjerry700

Yessss! I have the digital incubator as I like to be in total control and having that digital temp/timer makes it my favorite option. Your I-TEST HpLVd testing has saved me time and money…2 things that are hard to come by in cultivation. Thank you for creating this and allowing me to up my IPM/SOP game.

– Brian Walker

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