We Can Test for Hops Latent Viroid!


Noticing any rot on your buds? Leaves seem droopy? Need to test your female grows?
Our i-Test is perfect for cultivators who want the full experience of testing their grows – it’s like bringing the lab home!
We also offer in bulk.

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Are your seeds or plants showing signs of Hops? Fuzzy mold growing in your tent?

Want to test but don’t have the time? Don’t worry, we can test for you!
Our We-Test allows you to send us samples (with our sample kit) for testing of your choice to take the hassle right out of your hands.
Expect results within 3 days of us receiving your samples – this won’t hurt your pocket!

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Need some insight from a professional? Seeking for advice or knowledge on the science?

Consider consulting with us and have a call with Dr. Nathan Johnson, our CEO and Co-Founder of Verne Bio to get those concerns addressed.

Here are the consults we offer:

-Plant Health
-Hop Latent Remediation
-Growth Optimization

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