We Can Test for Hops Latent Viroid!

Tackling Grey Mold

As the weather changes, humidity and temperature fluctuate. With that fluctuation comes problems like Botrytis cinerea, more commonly known as grey mold. This serious fungal disease can impact both outdoor and indoor grows.    Understanding how grey mold works and impacts plants is the first step towards combating and ultimately preventing/overcoming the fungus. Grey mold… Continue reading Tackling Grey Mold

It’s True, Morning Dew Causes Bud Rot!

Bud rot is a name that strikes fear into anyone that grows cannabis. This mold can turn any beautiful bud into a nasty, soft-to-the-touch mess and render an entire cannabis crop worthless.

Is It Mold or A Virus?

Growing cannabis takes a keen eye and knowledge of the plant to ensure a successful harvest. It can be thought of as walking a tightrope, if something is out of balance then the results could impact yield and quality.

What Role Does Plant Pruning Play in Cannabis?

Growing cannabis plants take knowledge, dedication, and patience. Pruning is just one part of what cannabis plants need throughout their lifecycle. While simple sounding, pruning needs to be done correctly or it could cause damage that affects the outcome of the plant’s crop. 

How to Clean Your Roots for Testing

The roots of your cannabis plants can influence the success of the overall crop. Improperly maintained roots or roots infected with a virus/viroid/mold can strongly impact the yield and quality of the bud. In severe instances, damaged or infected roots can even kill your cannabis plants. 

Plant Viruses: Are They Curable?

When evidence of a cannabis-impacting virus appears, it can spark dread in the heart of any grower. Viruses can wreak havoc on cannabis crops, no matter the strain, resulting in costly damage.

Is This A Nutrient Or Pathogen Problem?

Cannabis plants may not speak, but they certainly can tell you if they are unhappy about something. There are a myriad of problems that can arise throughout the plant’s life cycle, and knowing what the problem could be is one of the first steps to helping your plants recover. 

Getting Bud Rot After Harvest: What To Do Now?

Harvesting cannabis is hard work, we can all agree on that point. But once the plants are hung, one of the worst things to happen to a harvest is the development of bud rot.

Viruses and Viroids: Is There A Difference?

When reading about cannabis-related diseases like Alfalfa Mosaic Virus or HpLvd, you may come across terms like virus or viroid.

A Beginner’s Guide to Testing for Cannabis Viruses and Viroids

When it comes to the health of your cannabis crop, there is nothing more important. The health of your cannabis plants can impact everything from harvest yields to the health of future harvests.

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